New Home Builder Program

The Jose Mejia Team has been working with local Tampa area home builders since 2011 with the mission of connecting our clients with the right community and the right home. From experience throughout the years, we have found that many first time and even second time home buyers never really thought about purchasing a new home.

Tampa Bay Florida  New Home Builder Program

These are the main reasons our clients chose to purchase a new home versus a resale property:

  • Less worries when trouble arises due to various new home warranties to include appliances

  • Less home maintenance due to stricter construction guidelines

  • Lower utility cost do to more energy efficient construction and appliances

  • No settling on a floor plan, choose the one you want even the location of your home

  • Customization of the features, color selections and fixtures of your home

  • Less issues with the home purchasing process like multiple offers, low appraisals and repairable items

  • Less money out of pocket due to home builder incentives and special incentives apply for the Military Active and Non-active duty. See out Military Veteran Programs for more to see if you qualify!

  • No money down programs for new home purchases

  • Newer communities to grow with featured updated amenities for recreational enjoyment

  • Lower probability of running into circumstances where you lose your investments into home inspections, appraisals, and deposit money.

  • Flexible building times that occur from 1 to 6 months allow you to plan your move while preparing for life changes.

There are countless reasons to consider when choosing a new home and making it part of your experience when looking. Make sure you make this part of your plan once you are pre-approved with our preferred lenders!

For a free consultation, please contact us today by completing the form on the right so we can see if a new home is in your future.